Phasma Online Culture List of Dr. Sascha Eilmus ()
view pictures   CLP 2    Sipyloidea sipylus  (PSG 4)  Established culture
       CLP 6    Ramulus nematodes (Blue form)  (PSG 55a)  Tentative culture
view pictures   CLP 19    Diapherodes gigantea  (PSG 260)  Tentative culture
view pictures   CLP 22    Necroscia annulipes  (PSG 290)  Established culture
view pictures   CLP 23    Hypocyrtus scythrus  (PSG 297)  Established culture
view pictures   CLP 37    Medauroidea extradentata  (PSG 5)  Established culture
view pictures   CLP 38    Acanthoxyla prasina  (PSG 6)  Tentative culture
view pictures   CLP 51    Eurycantha calcarata  (PSG 23)  Established culture
view pictures   CLP 57    Creoxylus spinosus  (PSG 31)  Established culture
10 view pictures   CLP 65    Haplopus micropterus  (PSG 61)  Established culture
11 view pictures   CLP 72    Lamponius guerini  (PSG 101)  Established culture
12 view pictures   CLP 111    Ramulus impigrun  (PSG 158)  Established culture
13 view pictures   CLP 135    Phaenopharos struthioneus  (PSG 205)  Established culture
14 view pictures   CLP 142    Sungaya inexpectata  (PSG 195)  Established culture
15 view pictures   CLP 146    Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis  (PSG 215)  Established culture
16 view pictures   CLP 221    Hypocyrtus ornatissimus  (PSG 307)  Established culture
17        CLP 231    Phanocles costaricensis  (PSG 47)  Established culture
18 view pictures   CLP 309    Onchestus rentzi  (PSG 308)  Established culture
19 view pictures   CLP 567    Melophasma antillarum 'Guadeloupe'  (PSG 370)  Tentative culture
20 view pictures   CLP 583    Hesperophasmatini sp. 'Samana'  (PSG 383)  Tentative culture
21        CLP 588    Phanocles costaricensis 'Nino'   Established culture
22 view pictures   CLP 591    Lobofemora scheirei 'Cat Tien'  (PSG 379)  Established culture
23        CLP 597    Alienobostra brocki 'Santa Elena'  (PSG 52a)  Established culture
24 view pictures   CLP 645    Lopaphus sp.' Dong Nai' Biosphere Reserve   Tentative culture
25        CLP 738    Phanocles sp 'Saül'   Established culture
26        CLP 747    Phanocles sp. 'Tikal'   Tentative culture
27        CLP 754    Pseudophasma fulvum 'Minca'  (PSG 390)  Tentative culture
28        CLP 818    Hesperophasma sp. 'La Ciénaga'   Established culture
29        CLP 820    Echetlus sp. 'Paulinia'   Established culture
30        CLP 833    Calynda coronata 'Osa'   Tentative culture

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