Phasma Online Culture List of Mirjam Dijksterhuis ()
view pictures   CLP 3    Extatosoma tiaratum  (PSG 9)  Established culture
view pictures   CLP 133    Tirachoidea biceps  (PSG 203)  Tentative culture
view pictures   CLP 198    Phyllium philippinicum  (PSG 278)  Tentative culture
view pictures   CLP 314    Achrioptera fallax  (PSG 327)  Tentative culture
view pictures   CLP 392    Myronides sp. 'Peleng'  (PSG 343)  Established culture
view pictures   CLP 470    Trachyaretaon sp. 'Aurora'  (PSG 317)  Established culture

This is the Phasma Online Culture List of Mirjam Dijksterhuis . On the Online Phasma Culturelist you can maintane an online status of your cultures in the order Phasmida.
You can see what species other members of this list have in culture. Everybvody who has Phasmida in culture can apply for membership.
The aim is to get an idea which species are still in culture .
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